Twin Pops
Twin Pops is a popsicle brand that is well known for their twin sticks. They created the famous "rainbow array" of different flavors and were the first to sell a variety pack. Twin pops can be shared or you can enjoy them by yourself! 
Research: In our initial research we found that most popsicles advertised towards adults are more expensive and branded as a luxurious product. Our target audience is young adults who do not want to spend more money than they need to on a sweet treat.
Through our research we found that Twin Pops is known for being the “cheap” budget friendly brand. Our goal is to embrace that label while still making a product that is delicious and affordable.
Mission Statement: At Twin Pops, our mission is simple yet sweet: to provide everyone with the irresistible delight of indulging in treats that satisfy their cravings without emptying wallets. We believe that everyone, regardless of their budget, deserves to experience the joy of our treats. Our commitment to affordability and quality allows us to deliver the perfect balance between taste and value. Join us on this budget-friendly journey to rediscover the pleasure of Twin Pops. Where cheap meets sweet and satisfaction is always within reach!​​​​​​​
Kelly Macias: Design Research, Packaging, Wrappers, Pop-up Event Wrappers, Pop-up fan, Web, Pop-up cart
Isabella Rodriguez: Design Research, Social Media Posts, Poster Series, Initial Pop-up cart ideation,Trademark
Isaiah Magnussen: Design research, Initial Web Ideation, Trademark
Instagram Posts
Pop-up Event
Since our target audience is young adults we have decided to take to bar scene with our mobile pop-up! With which we will off a cheap and sweet way to keep hydrated for a hot day/night out on the town.

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