Emotion: Portrait Photography
The conference’s main theme will be portrait photography. Portrait photography is a type of photography that calls for a more personal interaction. Whether you are doing self portraits or taking portraits for someone else, it is best that the subject is able to be themselves. This type of photography can be anything you want it to be. It can be serious, funny, colorful, black and white, you could even be telling a story. You are able to truly capture a feeling with portrait photography.
Mission Statement: To help, inspire, and teach others about portrait photography in a place that is great for networking and meeting new friends! The lectures will be a great opportunity to get inspired by great work and also learn more about what portrait photography can be. The events at the conference will be useful to fellow photographers because they will be focused on the aspects of portrait photography and how to capture your concept in an image.
I based the color palette from an article by Zan Armstrong called The Shapes of Emotions. According to the article the 5 emotions are anger, fear, disgust, sadness, and enjoyment. In this article Armstrong describes the 5 emotion’s shapes and color associated with each. In portrait photography specifically, emotion is front and center so I found it fitting to use the colors associated with emotions.
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